• My husband and I have been patients at Modern Smiles for few months. We are extremely pleased with the service. Doctor Jilbert Neman is an excellent doctor, compassionate and very knowledgeable. The staff is also friendly and accommodating. The office is clean and well equipped. I will not hesite to recommend my friends and family.

        Everyone here is so friendly! I’ve been coming here for years now and no matter the type of visit, root canal or refilling a cavity, they’re super transparent and informative. All my visits were great: painless and timely!

        Great pain free dentist worked w my insurance and payment plan to cover my new smile and I couldn’t be happier would recommend them to all my friends and family thank you modern smiles !!

        Was an amazing experience start to finish ! When the Dr.Neman reached out to personally book my appt i knew I was in good hands. It was like going to a 5 star Teeth Resort . Teeth Cleaning Emmy Award winning and Staff care 10 stars . The best in the BX !

        Excellent dental services and the staff is very friendly and caring. I finally found a dentist family that’s right for me!!!

        Great dentist and wonderful personality. Went to him as an emergency with a broken crown and an infection. Was very patient and took the the to explain everything. Would and have recommended him to others. Very little wait time with appointment. The staff is wonderful. Very friendly. Office is clean! Great job with my very first implant and hopefully the only one.

        This place is a miracle. I’m glad I found it. The Dentist here is a life saver. I had work done on my teeth from previous owners and they did a terribleeeee job. The doctor here showed me what they did and he was able to fix it and then some. I feel brand new. My teeth feel amazing. Definitely would recommend this place. You will not be disappointed.

        I’m 41 years old with 4 root canals, and other dental procedures that I’ve gotten done throughout my life. I’ve been to many different dentists, and hands down Dr. Neman is in a league all by himself. His ability to do amazing root canals, and his style to fix cavities, coupled with how he coaches one through the procedures, and how well he works with his staff makes him a true master of his craft. If you’re looking for a great dentist you need to look no further Dr. Neman is the truth. Also to include the Dental hygienist at Modern Smiles Dental does an amazing and meticulous job when cleaning your teeth. She takes her time and cleans teeth very well. I was received with great hospitality and amazing service.

        Dr. Neman and his team are professional, caring and friendly!

        Dr. Neman is an amazing dentist that knows exactly what he is doing. Today I was going to my follow up appointment to deal with 2 cavities 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️..In my 30 years of life I have never had any problems with my teeth so I was definitely petrified. No one likes the dentist. The visit alone is scary so the idea of a needle going in my mouth was not a option. On the way I thought of cancelling and rescheduling but I knew if I wanted to get rid of this discomfort in my mouth I would have to go. I showed up and was called in quickly. I didn’t even wait 10 minutes. Dr. Neman walked in and I immediately felt terrified, scared and like I wanted to cry. All I thought about was the pain I will go through. He began talking to me about the procedure step by step and I began to feel a little bit at ease. He is a very nice man and really knows what he is talking about. His confidence made me feel more comfortable. He numbed my gums topically then his assistant held my hand for the part I was dreading the needle 😩💉💉. He said “All done” I swear I felt absolutely nothing. I didn’t even know he gave me the shot. I didn’t even squeeze her hand 😂 The needle part was completely PAINLESS. The entire procedure was easy and painless. I really liked that he spoke step by step through the procedure so you could brace yourself for what was coming instead of being surprised out of know where by drilling. I was completely comfortable and 100% satisfied with todays visit. I will continue to go to Dr. Neman and I recommend that anyone looking for a good dentist go to him as well. My husband, kids and I all go to him and are always satisfied. Thank you Dr. Neman and staff for making a real terrifying moment for me a easy going painless 1st experience ❤ #DrNemanRocks

        The entire appointment experience was extraordinary. I asked several times for my appointment time and each time I received a prompt answer with detailed information per text message… very convenient! Dr. Neman’s wife is in charge of patients records and front desk duties/ communications. She is on point and very very friendly; absolutely welcoming! I saw Dr. Neman for the first time today and I was impressed with his professionalism. He gave me exceptional explanations about my teeth health situation, advised me by giving me options and demonstrated solutions on how best I can maintain my dental health. The simply fact that he took his time to explain medical science terms in detailed demonstrated to me that he cares about his patients. Thank you for such a good dental appointment experience! I am sure I will return as needed!

        Great Dental Team In the Bronx! Doctor Neman is so gentle with his hands. His work is done very Professionally and his Team is very respectful and also make you feel welcome. Overall is a Great experience visiting Modern Smile Dental Care. Thank You Guys ! 🙂 Ps: Great Job with my Root canal!!

        Estoy muy contenta con mi dentadura Gracias al DR NEMAN. Nunca habia encontraron un Dentista que me hicieron mi dentadura que se va como si fuera mi dentadura. Estoy Feliz de haber venido a esta oficina. Gracias a todo el personal especialmente a Dr. NEMAN.

        English Translation –
        I am very happy with my teeth thanks to DR NEMAN. I had never found a dentist who made dentures that feel as if it were my real teeth. I am happy to have come to this office. Thanks to all the staff especially Dr. NEMAN.

        Was hesitant to try because I’ve had the same dentist at this same location for 27 years! I’m so glad I did. Dr. Neeman is great at putting you at ease and so far he seems gentle and extremely knowledgeable. I’m happy I gave him a try. I recommend him.

        Today was my first day coming since the previous dentist left. My experience was excellent and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Neman is a great dentist and pay attention to any questions or concerns you may have. I would highly recommend.

        I had to have an emergency root canal. My primary dentist sent me here. Now, this will be my primary dental office. Dr. Neman and the staff put me at ease for my first invasive oral procedure. The office is cozy and well maintained. Also, there was a complication with a referral and instead of making a big deal of it, they assured me I would still be seen and took care of it.

        Dr. Neman was courteous, professional and efficient with my visit. He quickly assessed and addressed any needs or concerns that I had and displays exactly what you would look for in a caring provider. Marien was gentle and careful with my cleaning. They are an exceptional addition to the staff I had known for many years. I am pleased with my visit. Thank you and continue to do an amazing job!

        Modern Smiles Dental Care and it’s dentists are awesome! From start to finnish on my root canal was such a learning experience. Yes, They were teaching me about all the work being done in my mouth so that I understand what was happening so I can make better choices when it comes to my oral care. When Dr. Newman told me I needed a root canal to save a dying tooth I was scared, because last time I had a root canal as a child it was a very painful experience that I never forgot. But Dr.Newman explained that there are different types of this procedure and that what we were dealing with now was minor and that I wouldn’t feel a thing. He was right! the procedure was about 15-20 min and I felt not a thing. Dr. Newman comforted me with his words on what was going on every step of the procedure so I didn’t worry or get scared which I appreciated the most. Between his expert knowledge, expert and kind staff, and chill office environment I had the greatest experience I have ever had at a dentist! Modern smiles Dental Care is Awesome hands down!!

        Marien did a great job on cleaning my teeth. I love this dentist. They’re fast service, no real wait. This the best dentist I recommend for any to go to.

        Two words. Modern & gentle. Thank you to the entire staff, especially Dr. Neman & Jisselle!!!

        Dr. Neman and his staff members are very friendly, clean, and informative. Made my daughters feel at ease. Maryann and Gisselle did a great job in my girls…

        The staff is always great and welcoming! Jisselle did a great job with my check up and answering my questions. Marien, Emely and Lady were also very helpful today and made today’s visit a great and quick experience!

        The ladies are always lovely, I feel welcome every time I go there. This time I experience a different vibe since they have a new dentist. Dr. Neman was very polite, and very gentle. I liked how he explain how my kids teeth’s are coming along, I felt every comfortable talking to him. I highly recommended Modern smiles. Thanks.

        I had a wonderful experience at Modern Smiles Dental Care. Both, Dr. Jilbert Neman and Jisselle, were polite and informative on flossing, water piks, and Invaslign. I highly recommend visiting for a pleasant dental experience.

        My sister-in-law referred me to modern smiles , she knows I have been looking for a good dentist also with fair prices and someone who can deal with my severe anxiety, I’m happy to say I had a great visite , he explained everything clear to me , and I’m coming from Connecticut , I would recomend modern smiles.

        I’ve been going there for years , great service and staff, very friendly and professional, just got my cleaning from Jisselle, great job as always, would definently recommend!

        Jisselle and Lady were beyond professional, helpful and welcoming during my visit. Overall a great environment where you can be certain that you are receiving quality care. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

        I came in to just receive a cleaning and the employees were very caring and welcoming. Giselle cleaned my teeth and she made me feel welcomed from start to finish.

        Like most people, the thought of dentists terrify me but after many years of anxiety that has changed. Dr. Neman is incredible, his work is effortless- he is understanding (even of extreme anxiety) and the best part? – offers you options you can afford! What’s better than that? – I’ll tell you what is – an incredible assistant who is equally as amazing as her doctor. Jiselle is patient, caring and so knowledgeable. Name a better duo than Jiselle and Dr. Neman, I’ll wait. Thank you Modern Smiles for being part of my dental plan!

        Staff is wonderful. Great Dr’s. My first visit and I am truly in love with this office.

        The most pain free root canal and filling I ever had. I was like “that’s it? it’s over already?” I swear I didn’t feel a thing. All the staff are great and kind people.

        Awesome service. First time in my adult life seeing my teeth looking so good. Very professional and organized!!!!! I highly recommend this office.

        Great office! Just had two cavities filled in and the dentist didn’t even need to use anesthesia! The fillings didn’t hurt and it was all over in about 15 minutes! This office will definitely be my official dentist.

        I had an emergency and went to see Dr Neman. Everyone in the office was extremely nice and helpful. The office appeared clean and tidy. Dr Neman quickly and accurately diagnosed the issue and explained everything very clearly. He incorporated my thoughts and concerns into the treatment plan. The actual treatment was painless and quick; I left the office feeling great! I would recommend him to friends!